Meru is a rural region of Kenya about three and a half hours outside of Nairobi, the capitol.

When my woman was growing up in Meru in the 70s, picking coffee and going to primary school, she walked places instead of driving. Very few people had cars, and the roads were all dirt anyway.

Sometimes she knew it was going to rain while she was walking, and she started walking anyway.


Because in Meru, if anyone wants to get where they’re going, they have to walk, and if they wait for a time that they’re sure it won’t rain, they would be waiting forever.

So many people never start walking because they are afraid of the rain. They don’t like where they are, and want to go somewhere else, but they don’t go because they might get wet.

But the reality is that when you do get wet, you normally don’t get that wet, when you do, you dry off quickly. You won’t even remember being wet in a little while, unless you unexpectedly had a lot of fun splashing in the puddles along the way.

Hint: I’m not talking about rain.