It’s important to think and plan for situations that you expect to encounter in your life, but thinking and planning can never come close to actually experiencing the situation first hand.

You can’t learn to program by reading a book—you can only prepare yourself to learn to program. You have to actually program to learn.

You can’t learn to write by reading the Elements of Style. You have to write to learn to write.

You can talk about acting boldly and fearlessly, and you can imagine that’s what you’d do when push comes to shove, but until you put yourself in the situation that will test your courage and resolve you will never really know, and you’ll never really grow.

You may be surprised at the ways you screw it up at first, but the good news is that with enough work and maybe enough groveling, you can go back and make it right.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: go out and do it. Whatever your “it” is, stop thinking about it, and go do it right now.