I’m on my 10th day of zero communication in the morning.

Practical Stuff

It’s been a little difficult to stick to a full hour in the morning as I planned. I find myself getting bored and restless before my time is up, so I give myself a break if I’ve sat longer than 30 minutes. Generally, I make it about 45 minutes before getting to work.

One thing I noticed is that the technique really works — ideas for projects pop into my head furiously. I get at least 3 “keeper” ideas every day. The problem is that my mind goes from place to place, and after 45 minutes of wandering, I’ll forget what most of the ideas were. To help the situation, I have a pad and paper available, and I allow myself to jot a couple words down as a reminder for later.

I’m not convinced that’s a good idea, but I’m going to try it for a while.

Good Stuff

The good news is that I have been experiencing the benefits I hoped for. Clarity, flow, increased ability to solve ongoing problems. I have been far more productive lately than I ever have been, and it’s at least partially because I this quasi-meditation.

I’m not sure what the best approach is still, and my results are hardly scientific, but given how simple this experiment is, I highly recommend that anyone reading this understand the reasons and goals for it, and give it a try for the 30 days.

If anything important happens before the end of the experiment, I’ll post about it. Otherwise, expect a final write up around Christmas.