People who are trying to improve themselves by thinking about the way they think often ask the questions:

What’s wrong? and How can I fix it?

Which is a more useful tool than thinking about nothing and doing nothing. So honor yourself for that.

But they say what we focus on becomes our reality. So when we focus on all our problems, our self image becomes a collection of problems in various stages of being solved. Our eating disorder, our confidence issues, our personal finances: all problems that we work to solve and that come to define us.

But you and I are not really a series of shortcomings. We are perfect and complete. So let’s shift our focus by first getting really clear about what we want.

  1. Create a vision for what you want in your life: love, adventure, money…


  1. Look at examples of people who have what you want. Find out how they got there, find out how they live their daily lives.


  1. Do that.

Instead of trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong, look at what successful people are doing right, then do more of that.