When I was considering leaving my wife my stomach was always in knots. I had to process protracted issues that felt overwhelming in their intellectual and emotional complexity.

When my mind was awash in stress and confusion, one of the most reliable ways to switch off was to plug in: to consume information.

I would feel adrift among my thoughts and to stop the wave, I hooked myself into news and trivia.

I wanted to drown my sorrows in a stream of endless information.

They say knowledge is power, but when you consume information to prevent you from feeling or acting, then information becomes your drug.

When you soak up endless relationship advice instead of processing your emotions, you’re taking a drug. When you read online marketing blogs for hours a day instead of building a company to market, you’re taking a drug. When you educate yourself about making money but have never lifted a finger to actually put cash in your account, then you are definitely taking a drug.

Are you using information to block yourself in, or set yourself free?