“Create Thyself” -Pete Michaud

Your core is built out of the fundamental facts that make you an individual. They are principles and values that never vacillate, that guide you through your life.

I see questions from people all the time about how to find themselves. I have news. You don’t “find yourself.” You create yourself.

You don’t need to agonize over whether you’re altruistic or not. You just have to decide to be altruistic. The same goes for being strong, brave, loyal, or whatever you want to be.

It’s easy to lose track of what’s real if you don’t hold on to your core, and strongly create your own reality.

People will try to drag you down. They’ll tell you you’re selfish, weak, cowardly, and treacherous. If you have no core, nothing you’ve consciously created that is fundamentally true about you, then those people will make you self-destruct in doubt and pain. You will begin to see yourself through their eyes, because you have no eyes of your own to see yourself through.

But if you know your core because you built it, then you can remember that those people aren’t talking about you. They are probably talking about themselves. At best they are talking about an aspect of you reflected through themselves. You’ll be sure you really are altruistic, strong, brave, loyal, et al.

The sword cuts both ways too. How can you know if you really are true to the core you’ve created, or if you’re deluding yourself? If you really are terrible?

If you’re really true to your core, and if you are truly seeing through people’s negativity instead of ignoring valid criticism, then you will also be able to see through people’s positivity.

Some people will tell you that you’re amazing, talented, and wonderful. They are just as wrong as the naysayers. What you are is exactly what you create yourself to be.

If someone says you are hateful, but you are not, then you are not, and you know it, so it doesn’t affect you.

If someone says you are brilliant, but you are not, then you are not, and you know it, so it doesn’t affect you.

Pleasure or pain, treat both impostors the same. Above all, create your core, and be true to it.