My woman brought me to see Beasts of the Southern Wild yesterday, which is a really interesting and gripping movie. Very minor spoilers ahead.

A guy in the movie was preparing for a hurricane. He was running around in his yard trying to catch one of his chickens, to put her in a coop and bring her somewhere safe. He wasn’t making it easy, he was chasing after her, yelling at her, and generally scaring the shit out of her.

The thing that struck me was that the chicken was just like us.

We run away from the big, scary shit we don’t understand and that scares the crap out of us. But it’s that big, scary shit is what’s going to put us in a safe place to weather the storms we don’t even know are coming. So we get temporary relief when we somehow dodge the things that scare us, but then we’re left out in the cold when the storm comes.

I say embrace your fear. I’m always telling people to move toward whatever terrifies them. That’s where growth is.