“I’m sick and tired of these same old problems. Please universe, give me some new problems to deal with!”

If you feel like you’re in ground hogs day, experiencing the same problems over and over again— distant lovers, lukewarm career, friendships in tumult—then those things are not the problem. You are the problem.

Your needs are being served by being in pain, you are acting out the drama of your own limiting beliefs. You are creating situations that support your negative worldview so that you don’t have to face the risk that you’re not good enough, smart enough, ready enough.

When you let go of the problems you think define your life, you find that they fall by the wayside, and newer, more interesting problems arise. Your problem of paying the bills becomes a problem of growing your business.

Here’s how to get New Problems

Look at the ongoing problems you face in your life, and ask yourself: **what positive purpose does having this problem serve for me? **

For example, you battle depression because you “can’t” trust men and therefore ruin relationships. In return you get to reconnect with your feelings. Your friends and family make you feel important by coming to your rescue. You get a rush every time you switch mental states into that depression. The depression feels safe and comfortable and familiar.

You’re fulfilling four (!) fundamental needs by being depressed! Why would you really want to feel better when feeling like shit is working so well for you?

Identify the benefits you get from your problems, and generate new possibilities for yourself to get those same benefits in a way that isn’t a problem for you. When you start filling those needs in more healthy ways, your problem will evaporate.

And then you’ll have the golden opportunity to experience new and better problems.