This trial started with my Solitude of the Mind experiment, in which during my first day of zero communications, I thought that maybe a media fast similar to meditation is a better way to process analytical thought than dreams are. During that morning I experienced a sense well being and smoothly flowing thought. While sitting on my porch, trying not to think, I generated enough thought for a series of essays, at least one art project, and the solution to a problem I’d be thinking about for months (which I’ll explain in the future, I haven’t implemented the solution yet).

I think this silence is a good thing to try, so starting today I’m beginning my days by sitting in silent contemplation for 1 hour in the morning.

This morning I reflected on my previous, more extreme silence and generated the outline for the series of articles “Ideas are Real.” I’ll keep a log of how this hour affects my days over the coming months.

(Saffron Monk courtesy of hcchoo@Flickr)