Pete Michaud Portrait

Everything is weird. Weirder than you think. Totally fucking weird.

This Site

This blog is a scratch pad for making sense of the some of the weirdness I’ve found over the years. It turns out that it’s primarily about applied psychology. That means that instead of primary research you’ll mostly find actionable tools, personal perspectives, and aphorisms.

The writing here goes back many years, and the material is untouched editorially. My thinking on all these topics has evolved and improved substantially since writing each of these essays. That means these essays might be alternatively insightful, idiotic, interesting, crazy, or clearly wrong. Maybe all of the above.


The consistent thread through my life that can explain basically everything I’ve ever done is that I want to do the most good I can possibly do.

In a broad sense my plan is:

  1. Become awesome
  2. Help other people become awesome
  3. Improve the world together

At First…

In recent years I cofounded Connection Corps, a communication and emotional intelligence education organization in Austin, Texas. I believed and still believe that communication and coordination is a primary problem that needs a solution before the world can be radically changed for the better.

But Then…

After meeting and spending time with the Effective Altruists based in the San Fransisco Bay Area, I made several updates, most notably that:

  1. Coordination is only vital in a world that contains people who are skilled enough to win
  2. We don’t have enough people who are skilled enough to win
  3. In order to generate enough skilled people to win, we have to use critical mass to our advantage and cluster around a central hub.


So over the course of 2015 I stepped down from my leadership role in Austin, and transitioned into living full time in the Bay Area. After helping with several projects including EA Global and EA Action, I settled into my role as the Managing Director of CFAR, the Center for Applied Rationality.

My vision for CFAR is to become a magnetic hub of awesome, promising people who are willing to do what it takes to get radically better and help build a better world. My vision for myself is to become good enough to pull that off. In other words, what I’m working on is:

  1. Becoming Awesome
  2. Helping other people become awesome
  3. Improving the world together